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Play Areas

Play Areas

Play areas always seem to face similar issues. The constant beating a playground takes from children constantly running and walking on it will take a toll on the playing surface of the playground. Going full natural grass is out of the question due to the maintenance costs that go into upkeeping a playground. Going full synthetic has its own disadvantages as you get drainage issues and also the playing surface will get too hot to play on during hot summers. EZ Hybrid Turf will mitigate both of those issues, providing the best solution for playgrounds.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining a childrens playground can be an arduous task for any superintendent. With EZ Hybrid Turf installed, maintenance will be severely reduced due to the fact that the turf will protect the natural grass underneath from all of the foot traffic leaving the only maintenance task of mowing the grass.

Green All Year Round

We understand that with the rapid climate change that various regions of our country go through it has become harder to maintain a green lawn year round. EZ Hybrid Turf will mitigate those issues by providing a green solution to your lawn when it is not your grass growing season.

Safe For Children

With the combination of both natural grass and synthetic, the softness of both will prevent from chilren getting badly hurt when they fall on the playing surface.


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