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Pet Areas

Pet Areas

Having your pet play in your backyard is what all pet owners want. That however is easier said than done. Pets dig through the grass, and they pee and poo on the grass as well. Going 100% synthetic for those issues will not solve the problem. At EZ Hybrid Turf, we provide a solution to those issues. Our turf will serve as a blanket on the soil ground which will then help protect it from being damaged.




Excellent Drainage

The honeycomb foundation allows for excellent drainage. Pet messes can be easily washed away with just water.

Green All Year Round

We understand that with the rapid climate change that various regions of our country go through it has become harder to maintain a green lawn year round. EZ Hybrid Turf will mitigate those issues by providing a green solution to your lawn when it is not your grass growing season.

Safe for Pets

All EZ Hybrid Turf products are made without any toxic materials.


   NRT2500 NR3500 CL1201 CL1203 CL2004 CL4004