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Other Areas

Other Areas

The beauty of EZ Hybrid Turf is that it is not only used for your typical backyard, golf course or athletic field. EZ Hybrid Turf can be used for outdoor weddings, golf outings, award ceremonies, graduations, trade shows etc. Whenever there is a chance for grass to be potentially damaged, EZ Hybrid Turf is your #1 cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Easy to install and remove

Whatever the occasion may be, just simply roll out the turf and when you’re done roll it back up and store for later use

Cost Effective

While most synthetic turf in the market will require a professional to install and remove, EZ Hybrid Turf doesn’t need one. Also, the ability to store for re-usage will save you even more money.

Protects the Soil

We’ve all seen this before. At an outdoor wedding or graduation, due to the immense foot traffic that the surface receives a nice and lush grassy surface will soon turn into mud because it cannot take the constant beating. To combat that, place the EZ Hybrid Turf over the areas where it will receive the most foot traffic and that will be enough to prevent muddy areas but more importantly preserve your soil


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Easy to install and remove