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Everyone wants to have a nice green lawn, backyard, front yard, etc. With rapid changes in climate it has become harder to achieve those results. Also, add in to the fact that with foot traffic that may occur in your area, the soil ground will get damaged and most home owners just do not have the resources to combat that problem. At EZ Hybrid Turf, we provide a solution to those issues. Our turf will serve as a blanket on the soil ground which will then help protect it from being damaged.

DIY Installation

Almost all synthetic turf companies require a professional for install but not EZ Hybrid Turf.
Our turf is truly a do-it-yourself project and we have installation guides and videos to help you.

Green All Year Round

We understand that with the rapid climate change that various regions of our country go through it has become harder to maintain a green lawn year round. EZ Hybrid Turf will mitigate those issues by providing a green solution to your lawn when it is not your grass growing season.

Save on Water

EZ Hybrid Turf works as a barrier to retain moisture, saving you money on water compared to a full grass lawn.


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