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EZ Hybrid Turf, Inc warrants the artificial grass surface for a period of two (2) years from the date of completion (or first use, whichever comes first) against all defects in materials and/or workmanship, including such defects as excessive fading, seam rupture or dislodgement and ultraviolet degradation.

EZ Hybrid Turf, Inc will replace, as it deems necessary to correct any defect, those materials which exhibit such defects resulting from materials, at no cost to the owner, for the full two (2) years of the term.


This warranty does not pertain to those defects caused by improper sub-base materials or failure to adequately address, by proper design, the deficiencies of sub-base materials. Neither does the warranty pertain to drainage defects or deficiencies that are outside the footprint of the artificial grass field as defined by the purchase contract.

EZ Hybrid Turf, Inc does not warrant against normal wear and tear; as determined by an independent testing agency. This warranty also does not pertain to defects caused by site conditions beyond EZ Hybrid Turf, Inc control (flood, fire or other acts of God). Damage caused by vandalism, neglect or improper footwear is, likewise, not subject to this warranty.

The recommendations for proper maintenance of the artificial grass surface as outlined in our "Maintenance Guidelines" shall be considered in determining neglect or proper maintenance of the artificial grass surface and shall be considered an integral part of this warranty.

This warranty, specifically, does not pertain to or obligate EZ Hybrid Turf, Inc in any way regarding material applied or labor performed which was not under its control or which was supplied or performed by others. Assistance or recommendations provided to the owner or his representatives; or EZ Hybrid Turf, Inc approval of owner's or his representatives' designs, plans or drawings in no way extend this warranty to materials or workmanship beyond those specifically supplied or controlled by EZ Hybrid Turf, Inc

The obligations of EZ Hybrid Turf, Inc under the warranty are subject to full payment of all monies due for materials and/or labor related to the above referenced project.